There are multiple ways to sync the non-team calendars in your system.  It is important to understand the difference between each option to ensure you choose the best one for your business.

Step 1: Access the Calendar Settings.

  • Under Settings, navigate to Calendars.
  • Click "New Calendar" to create a new calendar, or click the ... and choose edit to update an existing calendar.

Step 2: Choose the Sync Option that's right for you. In the pop-up window, under "Team & Event Setup" scroll to sync option and choose one-way, two-way, or disable trigger. The associated actions for each option are described below:

  • One-way sync: The calendar events from the Google calendar will be shown in grey. One-way sync will not add those invited in the Google event into your system. One-way sync will sync the Appointments from your system to the Google calendar. This is recommended for most situations.
  • Two-way sync: All calendar events from the Google calendar will be colored. Your system will determine who is invited in the Google event, create a contact record for them , and fire off triggers associated with the calendar.
  • Disable Trigger: All event contacts from the Google Calendar will be pulled into the system as new contacts. No triggers associated with the system calendar will fire.